Valentines Party

Dance Life Houston - The Best Dance Studio in Town

Is happy to invite you to our Valentine’s Party.

Come and join us at one of the hottest parties of the year! We’ll make this night special for you....

  • Filled with variety of delicious dishes;

  • Special Menu;

  • Live music by famous performer Alexander Lebo;

  • Great Romantic atmosphere;

  • Tasty Drinks (Soft Drinks, Tequila, Vodka, and Champagne);

  • Latin Dance Group Lesson from one of the Best Dance Instructor with 20 years of experience.


This special event will take place on February 11st, from 8PM-12AM.

The price for admission is $180 per couple / $100 per person, and includes extensive variety of Dishes, Champagne, Vodka, Live Music, Dessert, and great memories...

The space is limited as we want to make sure that each person or couple feel comfortable in your seet.

Please RSVP via phone number 713-408-6445 or e-mail:


The payment should be done by Zelle to make your reservation by phone number (713) 408-6445, or by Venmo (832) 499-4934.The payment are not refundable.

Please contact us if you have any additional information (713) 408-6445.