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Introductory Offer is a great way to learn basic elements that helps you understand how dances are interrelated, and makes you dance immediately at a basic level. That lesson helps us understand your needs, and what type of dance you like, so we can make a personalized Starter Program for you.


Starter Program helps you to learn different Ballroom Dances, where you will feel Confident and Comfortable in the dance floor. We teach how to keep Balance and Posture, and how to move around the dance floor. Also, This program it's dedicated to learning the mechanics of dancing so when you are in a social setting you feel more than comfortable. Also we work on food position and rhythm and timing. 


Take a next step! Foundation Program develops the three fundamentals of good partner dancing:

  • Lead and Follow: Connection with the partner, you learn how to give signals to the lady and how to respond to them. 

  • Weight Transfer: Connection with the floor. We teach how to keep connection with the floor in different types of dances.

  • Rhythm and Musicality: Connection with the music. How to recognize witch song it is and what kind of dance. 

  • Blending: Thats the most important part! How to blend and dance full music without stoping. 


Bronze program will help you move around more freely on the dance floor while expanding your variety, technique and footwork. In a Bronze Program we teach characteristics of the different styles of dancing (styling).

This program is designed to develop timing and techniques in all social dances selected by the student. Dancing techniques at this level will be yours to keep, as you’ll never forget the elements of each dance.

Bronze Level steps are fairly basic and provide a good grounding and understanding of the nature of each individual dance. We start having advanced social skills that will allow you to dance comfortably to almost any music.


Silver Program introduces you to the world of professional dancers. You will know advanced movements that will allow you to glide across the dance floor. You will excel in advanced directional changes, significantly improve your technique, and master those steps that you learned in the past. You will be able to help coach other less experienced dancers, while perfecting your skills. 


Gold Program - The world of dance truly opens up for you! At this level you feel extremely comfortable dancing any style. You know all dance steps by heart and can repeat them in your sleep. You keep up with music tempo and feel comfortable leading and following. Gold program brings small details to your dance that professional dancers use, like proper heap movement, distinguished appearance on a dance floor, and looking like second to none while you dance.You will learn how to complete (if you choose) and how to win these competitions. This is your time for the spotlight!


1110 Van Buren St, Unit 2, 

Houston, TX, 77019

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