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Ballroom Dancing Club

Competitive Ballroom Dancing

Do you dream of dressing up, having fun, meeting new friends, dancing all day, and traveling the world?

The Ballroom Dance Competitions are for you!

Competitive ballroom Dancing is the perfect combination of art and sport.

Competitions makes you set goals for yourself, it help's you develop your own "style", it makes you be motivated and identify your target market. Is the best way to keep moving and learning.


Competitive dance is a popular, widespread activity in which competitors perform dances in any of several permitted ballroom dance styles—such as American Rhythm, American Smooth, International Latin, International Standard and Social Dancing (Salsa, Bachata, Country Dancing)—before a common group of judges. 

Dancers must continuously train to maintain and improve their technique, balance skills, strength and flexibility. Dances and performers typically are categorized in various ways so as to create different competitive divisions, like:

  • Age — Each dancer is assigned to a particular age division, wherein each division encompasses a range of ages.

  • Experience and Level— Each dance is assigned to a particular competitive division based on performers' experience.

  • Group size — Dances are also categorized according to the number of performers. Common categories include solo (one performer), duo/trio (two or three performers), and various numbers of group divisions, each of various size.

We know how to help you become a prize winner.

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