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Dance Lesson

Group Dance Classes

Great Group of people, students and dancers

Group classes offer the opportunity for dancers to use their skills in a social setting. Whether you want to dance with various partners or get used to dancing close to others; Group classes are a fun way to meet new people and improve your dancing!

Group dance lessons are the perfect way to learn how to dance in a friendly, relaxed environment.
Our dance classes are well suited for learning the basics of any dance style, from salsa to rumba.
Group dance classes are a great addition to private lessons and dance parties.

Invite your friends and have fun.

✕ No Partner required
✕ No Experience required. Everyone is welcome to attend. We will help you with everything that you need to feel confident and confortable.
✓ Convenient location River Oaks/ Midtown area (next to the Nino's Restaurant)
✓ We have free parking around Tribeca's Lofts (if you need extra just give us a call)
✓ Our floor is real wood, where you can feel smooth dancing and having fun.
✓ We have tables, chars and sofas to socialize and relax.
✓Professional Instructor that makes you feel confortable.
✓ Attire is casual dressy
✓Classes are perfect for singles and couples
✓All Lessons are for beginners.
✓ Masks are not mandatory.


We promise it's always fun!

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