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Happy Children

Every Lesson is 50 min

Private Lesson just for $15 

Group Lessons every Friday at 6PM for $10

Girls Birthday Party

Dancing is one of the most beautiful activities for children. Not only is it fun and exciting, but also carries many important benefits that make a big impact:

  • Discipline

  • Brain development 

  • Communication

  • Physical activity

  • Sensitivity

  • Focus

  • Strength

  • Sportsmanship

  • Leadership

  • Presentation

  • Commitment

  • Musicality

Our Dance Studio works with kids and raise champions.
Perhaps the child lacks courage in society, dancing helps children become more sociable, open and cheerful. By bringing your child to Dance Life Houston, they will improve their flexibility, range of motion, stamina and their strength. The movements in dance also help improve coordination, balance and posture. Our youth program focuses on building  self confidence and social skills,

Basic elements of all the ballroom dances and help making new friends and improve team work.

We will find an approach to each child individually.

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